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Bella Luce Policy​​​​

Appointments are reserved especially for you.   Please be aware of our re-schedule policy. We require 48 hours notice

Please be aware we DO NOT guarantee a confirmation call, text, or email reminder.

We appreciate that sometimes people get sick. In the event that you find yourself with an illness that is contagious please call us to reschedule we prefer not to work on a client with a cold or flu or other contagious condition. Thank You
No Shows and late cancelations  are subject to a fee up to the total cost of the service scheduled. 

Appointments may be held with a credit card. 
We will be more than happy to re-schedule your appointment, we are just a phone call away. 650-238-4901
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Please refrain from wearing perfumes or scented products.

30 Minutes/$60      ~      60 Minutes/$115-$120    ~   90 Minutes/$165


​Integrative Healing Massage 
This integrative massage is great for stress relief and muscle tension. It is customized with the inclusion of essential oils and Asian Bodywork modalities and Energy Medicine techniques.  Hawaiian Lomilomi, Acupressure, Qigong meditation and Guided Imagery may also be included. We are able to induce relaxation, reduce stress and balance the muscular system. 

Cranio Sacral Therapy 
A gentle noninvasive method of evaluating and enhancing the function of a physiological body arrangement called the craiosacral system. Developed by John E. Upledger, DO,OMM this manual therapy dissipates the negative ef​fects of stress, enhances health and resistance to disease.CranioSacral Therapy improves your body's ability to take better care of you. It helps relieve a full spectrum of pain, illness and dysfunction.


Hawaiian for rub-rub has been described by teacher Aunty Margaret Machado as "a connection between heart, hand, and soul with the source of all like". Aunty Margaret was the first to teach lomilomi in a formal class situation. Previously the training was passed on within the family by Kahunas or Shamans. Oils are used in the application of cross-fiber friction techniques. Profoundly relaxing.

An ancient healing art that uses the fingers to press key oints on the surface of the skin to stimulate the body's natural self curative abilities. It can be effective in helping relieve headaches, eye strain, neck pain, backaches, stress, menstrual cramps and many more. Acupressure continutes to be the most effective method for treatment of tension related ailments by using the power and sensitivity of the human hand. 

Acupressure services require an initial consultation with service. 75 min/ $145

Tui Na
Tui Na is an ancient Chinise system of massage. The term "tui na" first appeared in the Ming Dynasty text Pediatric Tui Na Classic in 1601. Techniques range from light and soothing to strong and invigorating It facilitates healing by regulating the circulation of blood and qi. (vital life force energy), chich controls body function and enhances resistance to disease. It can be done as a stand alone service with clothos on, or added to oil massage. 

Guided Imagery 
Also known as visualization, guided imgery is a relaxation system utilizing imagination and thought to improve one's physical, mental, and emotional health. This is often used to facilitate relaxation in the beginning of a massage session. ​

Medical Qigong 
aditional Chinese treatment combines hands-on breath and meditation to balance the flow of qi (energy) through the body, move and relieve qi blockages, and improve circulation. This technique is used to achieve an integrated adjustment of mind and body for better overall balancing and to increase energy. 

Reiki Sessions and Workshops 
An ancient Japanese spirit based modality which is beneficial for stress reduction and pain management. This is done by life force energy flowing through the practitioner. While the practitioner lays their hands on or over  areas of the body. 
60 min. $120 per Reiki Session 

Reiki Workshop fees : Reiki 1  - $150
                                       Reiki 2  - $225