​​​Bella Luce 

​Skin Care and Healing Center in Pacifica CA

Mary Dennis

Cranio Sacral 

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Paige Sawyer

Energy Medicine
Visionary Artist

 Bella Luce Skin Care and Healing Center is a wellness center in Northern California. Founded in 2008 by Antoinette Cresci de la Torre. Antoinette is a Licenced Acupressure Therapist, Shamanic Practitioner, Esthetician, Dancer and Artist. Her dream was to have a place where healers could heal and clients had a safe and beautiful place to come. She sees herself as a bridge for people to cross and learn how to be more in tune with the soul self and the earth for healthy living and abundance. Bella Luce Skin Care and Healing Center hosts small group events and workshops on health, wellness, spirituality and arts. 

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Bella Luce (Bella Loo-Chay)

meaning: Beautiful Light

Antoinette Cresci de la Torre
Paige Sawyer

Wanda K. Whitaker


Holistic Coaching

Past and Between Lives Regression

​Visionary Artist

Lisa Warns


Wanda K. Whitaker

Bella Luce

Skin Care And Healing Center            in Pacifica

Antoinette Cresci de la Torre

Acupressure / Massage

Skin Care / Waxing
Shamanic Healing and Counceling

Energy Medicine