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LED Facial Treatment

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Holistic Skin Care for Anti-aging, Micro-current, Rosacea and Acne

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Initial Visit / 130
​New to Bella Luce? First time clients start out with the Initial Visit. Initial visit consists of a thorough skin consultation, skin assessment with medical magnification and recommendations for skin treatment and homecare. The skin treatment is customized to your skin type and condition, and may include one of the services listed below. Skin treatment may be upgraded depending on the outcome of the assessment.

 Relaxation Facial   /  105 
Great for all skin types, this treatment is profoundly relaxing. It improves circulations, tones muscles and provides over all balancing. Facial is customized to each clients skin type and condition. May include acupressure, reiki, cranio-sacral therapy or hand and foot massage, depending on clients needs.​


​​The Following Services are recommended for Established Clients

​Micro-current Facial Lift /150                                    Series of 6 or more / 110 each 
A micro-current face lift can improve muscle tone and firmness in the face and neck, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, improve blood circulation, increase production of collagen by 14% and elastin by 48%, increase the production of ATP. It improves product penetration to address sun damage and hyper-pigmentation. This treatment can be done as maintenance, but is most effective if done in a series.  

​Celluma LED Facial with Acupressure / 145
Celluma LED Facial is a versatile and effective modality. It is clinically proven for the treatment of wrinkles, acne and pain. Celluma light therapy works safely and effectively, without abrasive chemicals, harmful UV-rays or side effects,  this treatment incorporates acupressure to balance the whole system, boost immunity and address pain. The perfect mind body connection. Look and Feel Better!


​Celluma LED Therapy / 25 add on treatment - 40 stand alone without facial treatment
​Add a 30 min session to any facial. It can be a stand alone therapy or an add following any facial treatment including micro current, acne, enhance environmental aging treatments and address pain. May also be done in a series. Click here for more information

Deep Cleansing/Nourishing Facial /  105
A popular facial, designed to thouroughly cleanse, refresh and revitalize the skin. Excellent for all skin types and conditions, this facial utilizes the power of anti-oxidants, essential oils and the benefits of acupressure or facial massage to nourish the skin from the inside out.

Acne~Rosacea Facial / 105
This facial utilizes a unique combination of botanicals for acneic or rosacea prone skin with acupressure. High frequency, LED or ultra sound are used to address areas of concern. 

Vitamin Facial  /  115                  Series Recommended 90 for 6 or more consecutive treatments
This anti-oxidant rich age fighting treatment is power boosted with professional strength Retinol and Vitamin C. To help increase collagen production address problems with hyperpigmentation, reverse wrinking and correct dehydration. Best results are achieved when done in a series of 4 to 6. 

Add Ultra Sound / 10  
 ultra sonic sound waves to push age fighting ingredients deep into the skin where the cells can metabolize them. 

Oxygen Treatment  / 145                          
Series Recommended 110 for 6 or more consecutive treatments
This multi-faceted treatment leaves the skin luminous with a feeling of firmness. It provides the opportunity for accelerated repair of aged and damaged skin, kills bacteria and reduces redness. Great for Acne, Rosacea, and Anti-aging. Best results are achieved when done in a series of 4 to 6. 

The Ultimate / 155       
Our most popular and luxurious facial, bridging clinical skin care with the holistic body,mind, spirit approach. Start your experience with 30 minutes of massage or acupressure, followed by a customized facial, geared to your skin type and condition. 

Lymphatic Facial Massage  /  105
This immune boosting treatment eases stress, and fluid retention. It is beneficial for acne, after facial surgery or trauma or as an immune boosting treatment. Promotes detoxification, relaxation and immune function. 

Lymphatic Facial Massage w/ Facial  / 145

Consultation / 30 
Not sure what your skin needs? Make an appointment for an in-depth skin consult and find out how we can help you with your skin care needs. Fee will be waived with the purchase of products.