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​Skin Care and Healing Center in Pacifica CA

Phone - 415-760-7751

Email -   anchoredinspirit@gmail.com


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Please see individual practitioner websites for more information. 

Scheduling, payments may  vary. 

   for self-esteem and eliminating bad habits
   for stress release and relaxation (also available for the workplace)

Holistic Coaching

Past life readings and Life between Life readings

DNA Activations

Spiritual Guided Empathy Meridian Tapping (GEMT)

Reiki Healing

Wanda K. Whitaker

Anchored In Spirit

Wanda K Whitaker is a talented hypnotherapist, spiritual coach and visionary artist,. She is the founder of Anchored in Spirit and co-founder of Wise Women Sharing, a group of healers and teachers who's mission is to help others grow and progress on their journey in this life.