Bella Luce 

Skin Care and Healing Center in Pacifica, CA

Our Policy​​​​

Appointments are reserved especially for you.   Please be aware of our re-schedule policy. We require 48 hours notice.(by telephone please)

Appointments re-scheduled after the 48 hour time period are subject to a fee up to one half the cost of the service scheduled.

Please be aware we DO NOT guarantee a confirmation call, text, or email reminder. 

We appreciate that sometimes people get sick. In the event that you find yourself with an illness that is contagious please call us to reschedule we prefer not to work on a client with a cold or flu or other contagious condition. Thank You
​ No Shows  are subject to a fee of the total cost of the service scheduled.  
Appointments may be held with a credit card.  
We will be more than happy to re-schedule your appointment, we are just a phone call away. 650-238-4901 
​ All sales are final.

Please refrain from wearing perfumes or scented products.

Eye Brow Arch/Maintenance                                *$20      
Upper Lip / Chin                                                    *$12
Face                                                                      *$35
Lower / Upper Leg                                                 *$44
Full Leg                                                                 *$65
Under Arm                                                            *$20
Half / Full Arm                                                       *$30 / $42
Bikini                                                                     *$30
Brazilian                                                                *$65
Mens Back                                                            *$57
Toes / Knuckles                                                     *$5
Nostrils / Ears                                                        *$8
Brow Tint   $15

Waxing in Pacifica  Services include body and facial waxing using the highest quality of waxing products, including the gentle "hard wax" for Brazilians and other sensitive parts of the body.